Short hairstyles 2019 female

Short hairstyles 2019 female

Back in the olden golden days, women with long hair were considered the most beautiful; in fact, some cultures measured beauty with how long and luxurious the hair were. Times change and tables turn because short hair is now in it to win it! Believe it or not, short hairstyles 2019 female are spreading like forest fire because of the same reason; they are hot! A lot of women might not know that short hair has manifold benefits for the face, the hair and the overall aura.

1. They make you look younger:

First up, they make you look younger. Long hair might look stunning, but they add years to your face. A shorter one, on the other hand, makes you look youthful and fresh. This in turn, enhances your self-confidence and boosts your poise. You can make better outfit choices and step out of your comfort zone. Now who wouldn’t want that in their life?

2. They put forth a better impression:

we’re not saying it! Science is! A study done at a prestigious university revealed that women with shorter, punker hairdos have a better impression on those around them as opposed to those with longer hair. They concluded that people actually view these women as more up-to-the-minute, open to new ideas, quirkier with things around them and super confident about what they do.
Selecting your picture-perfect short hairstyles 2019 female

There is a huge array of awesome hairdos to choose from, and you can talk to a hairstylist for what will look best on you and enhance your features.

  1.  A pixie cut is in business for all the right reasons. First up, it flatters all kinds of face cuts and hair types. And secondly, it can be fashioned in one way or another. Go for bangs to cover a bigger forehead or a side swept fringe to look uber chic. Cover your ears to look softer or get an undercut for a bold aura.
  2. Eccentric bob cuts are being made everywhere, and you can do yours as you like. A straight cut sleek look, or an uneven messy bob with waves, it’s all up to your liking.
  3. Short hairstyles 2019 female present the choppy layers which every other celeb is about to endorse. This is a contemporary look, and covers the face up if your face is plump, apart from being super modern and cool!