Privacy Policy

It is our aim to keep our visitor’s information safe and secure. Although we never ask for the critical user information, but still whatever we ask, we respect. We value the visitors of our website and also their privacy. We respect and protect the customer’s information. Your personal information is safe with us. All the personal information that we collect is for only feedback reasons. All the information you provide us stays with us. We do not reuse, disclose, rent or sell your personal information to anyone or any party. Your personal information’s sole purpose is to give us feedback. For that you can visit our “contact us” page and see what we ask you.

The information we collect

You can visit the entire website without providing any personal information. We will never make you give us your information or ask you to sign up to read the articles. However, there are pages where you can give the information which includes but not limited to your email address, name, and your comments in general about our articles.

How we use your information

  • The information we collect, only use for our feedback. The sole purpose is to get to know what you think about the content that we share.
  • Also, we use that information to know your interests, likes and dislikes. We gather your information also to make future decisions about what to write.
  • We use your comments to improve the content that we share with you and for no other reason.
  • We will never disclose your information without your consent.
  • We might send you information about our blog or latest posts using the email addresses that you share with us.

What we will never ask you

  • We will never ask you for your phone numbers
  • We will never ask you to share with us your bank details as we do not sell anything
  • We will not ask you for your credit card or visa card numbers as we are not here to sell. We only share information through our articles and get feedback

Security measures

This website is secure and safe from all the cyber threats. We implement the latest security measures to ensure that the information you share stays safe with us.  

Web cookies

Like all other websites we use “cookies” to help gather information about our visitors and store it to make sure their future experience with our website is better. A cookie is a small packet of data which our server sends to your web browser when you visit our website. We only use the cookies to help you use the website.

When you visit our website you agree to all of the above privacy statements and policies.