Pixie cut thin hair square face

Pixie cut thin hair square face

Having thin hair is quite troublesome to say the least. There are so many hairdos that you cannot pull off, numerous products that need to be poured into the scalp, and dozens of hairstyles that don’t make your face look nice. But every now and then, our hair experts come forth with a style that will complement a particular face/hair type, and pixie cut thin hair square face is today’s big thing. Here’s how you can achieve this simple yet classy look:

1. Shaved Sides and Back with textured Top

If you want a bold and beautiful look, shave the sides as well as back of the head and leave a pixie cut mop on top. This will immediately urge people to look at your hair, and that ruffled mop will look really voluminous.

2. Delicate Layers

This casual and off-the-cuff hairdo is the picture-perfect look, with locks left a tad long with some layers.

3. Side Sweep with Conflicting Shades

Next in pixie cut thin hair square face is the side sweep but with different hair colors. You can choose a contrast like blonde and fiery red, or you can go for pastels like granny grey and baby pink. In any case, you will surely be turning heads.

4. Lengthy Layers and Side Sweep Bangs

Side sweeping bangs flicking barely above the eye is quite a gentle and petite appearance that surrounds the face stunningly, and the lengthy layers guarantee this hair is ruffled and free.

5. Irregular Layers and Messy Back

Don a groovy style that is all but lackluster by throwing in rough layers! Petite on the left, extensive on the right or vice versa, it’s a lop-sided pixie that’s wistful and amusing. Rock it off with some red lipstick and knee high boots!

6. Disproportionate White Pixie

This cheerful, attention drawing pixie look is captivating and charming. The irregular trim gives the hair some consistency and the lengthy parts neighboring the face confirm a fashionable and defining appearance.

7. Trimmed back and colored mop

Lastly in pixie cut thin hair square face, is this subtle yet hot look! If you don’t want to shave your head, you can trim the back hair slightly, so that your top hair stands out more. Added to that, you can color your top mop, a slightly different consistency than your back hair, so that eyes are drawn towards it, regardless of it not being too striking.