Hairstyles for thin hair wedding

Hairstyles for thin hair wedding

If you’ve got really thin hair, you must know how cumbersome it can be. From keeping it away from damage to not being able to make the majority of hairdos; you’ve got yourself in a fix. And as a bride, your worries are maximized. Will you hair cooperate on your ceremony? Will they look as beautiful as you’ve ever imagined? Will you be able to pull off that hairdo you saw on Instagram? Here’s what you need to keep in mind for hairstyles for thin hair wedding to make sure your dreams come true:

1. What will the weather be?

If the weather is colder, your hair will survive curls with a dash of hairspray. But if it’s scorching hot, your hair might become easily greasy and stick to your face. It’s better to have an up do, a chignon or a bun in this case.

2. Apart from being thin, what other properties does your hair have?

There are so many gorgeous styles being posted on social media that it’s easy to fall prey. However, whether or not your hair can sustain that hairdo is an entirely different story. Tiaras and bejeweled pins are beautiful for sure, but thin hair cannot keep them pinned. Similarly, waterfall waves won’t look too nice if your thin hair is frizzy as well. So make sure you talk to a stylist before your big day. Hairstyles for thin hair wedding depend majorly on your hair length, texture as well as volume.

3. Are you into a veil?

You also need to decide if you want a veil because thinner hair will be pulled back and down. In that case, you might need a low bun and a whole lot of teasing to make it stay put throughout the ceremony. Sometimes, the style you wanted might not complement a veil or vice versa.

4. Does the hairdo really materialize?

In hairstyles for thin hair wedding, you must always have a ‘rehearsal’. Some hairstyles look lovely in pictures, but they cannot be recreated easily. Make sure you print a copy of the look you want so as to show your hairdresser what you desire. If you describe it verbally, they may not get what you want or might perceive it differently. Go to your stylist and create the look you’ve been wanting; it’ll make things a lot easier on the actual wedding day because you’ll still have time for revisions and improvements and changings.