Hairstyles and colors for 2019

Hairstyles and colors for 2019

Hair colors change like seasons and they have every right to! While spring may bring a fiery red hue in town, winters would settle with granny grey and blue. They vary according to the weather, and overall ‘aura’ of any month. And when the year takes a shift, there’s a frenzy of new trends flooding in. If you’re also thinking about the hairstyles and colors for 2019, you’ve come to the right place.

No everyone has the time to ask a stylist what’s cooking, nor does every woman have social media accounts. But we can tell you that the trends this year are as cool as it gets. They are very simple to achieve, even easier to keep in shape and super gorgeous for any hair type and texture. Let’s cut to the chase; here we have the hottest colors in season:

1. Bronde shades:

Go for a beautiful ‘bronde’ brew if you’re longing a light, sunny shade topped with butterscotch upbeat highlights that being out a glow in the gloomy winter. Hairstylists say that the light brown hues; sandwiched someplace on the spectrum between golden and brunette, give the artifice of a soothing aura, instead of being too flashy for the otherwise cold months.

2. Pastels:

Hairstyles and colors for 2019 also think highly of pastels but they are a little high maintenance. Not only are pastels the perfect way to get rid of olden hair colors but they also bring out your softer side quite naturally. Hair experts feel that women are now going for rainbow pastels or an amalgamation of a few colors, instead of dyeing the entire hair in one. Rose gold and blond is a classic one which is striking to look at and will look heavenly if you use a matte red lipstick with it. On the other hand, lavender and green is insanely fresh and lets you show off a fun side simultaneously. If you’re feeling bold, go for the rainbow and you might as well win the pot of gold!

3. Caramel hues:

delicate caramel tendencies will be a huge statement in hairstyles and colors for 2019. Caramel toned balayage can really highlight your facial features if you’re got naturally darker hair. If you’re blonde, a darker brown would blend in perfectly to give you gorgeous beach waves. Keep the hair in good shape, and you’ll be looking like a shampoo advert’s next top model.