Hairstyle for engagement ceremony

Hairstyle for engagement ceremony

Weddings may be the highlight of one’s life but engagement parties are the beginning of something magical as well. At times like these, it is important that you impress the mister so he knows he made the right choice. Here are some perfect hairstyle for engagement ceremony:

1. Inverted French braid:

If you want to put in a delightful turn to your hairdo, pun intended, attempt a wrong side up French braid. Add volume to your hair on top. This hairdo gives you the opportunity to add hair pieces, tiaras and much more.

2. Waterfall hairstyle:

This is one more beloved hairdo and particularly if you like having your hair open, this hairdo is flawless for you. Just allow a waterfall look through layers and you’ll be good to go. No need for teasing, or excessive hair spray!

3. A half tied hairdo:

A half tied hairdo is a perfect hairstyle for engagement ceremony because it keeps the hair in place, yet allows your locks to sway around! Coupled with a light dress, this hair can keep the groom wishing it was marriage day instead of only the engagement.

4. Side braid with flowers:

Women with long hair often find themselves in a fix because everyone tells them to just let it loose. However, here is one hairdo that is sure to grab attention. Allow soft curls all through the hair for it to get some volume. Start braiding from the side of your face and go all the way down. Pull the strands out a bit to create a thick braid and adorn with small flowers. It is graceful and beautiful at the same time.

5. A high messy bun:

A raised hairdo is a preference for your engagement since it will make your look dressed up and attractive. Simply curl the hair and make a raised bun out of it. Remember to pull out a few strands of hair, to make the look casual. You’re not going to an office party, it’s your engagement ceremony!

A traditional low neck bun: If you’re pretty old-school and like a touch of tradition, then this is hairstyle for engagement ceremony you need to opt. Create a cavernous middle parting in your hair and make a loose bun low on the neck. If you want a two in one style, add some gel and slick back the top hair to create a contemporary Kim Kardashian style.