Hairstyle for big forehead female

Hairstyle for big forehead female

To be fairly truthful, women with big foreheads spend half of their life wondering how to hide it! It shines bright in pictures, it sunburns like a baby’s bottom and it highlights pimples really well. The good news, however, is that nature has given you a perfect head of hair which you can style accordingly and help achieve a concealment. Here are some hairstyle for big forehead female that will soothe all your worries:

1. Faux bangs:

The simplest answer anyone has when questioned about big forehead is bangs. But a lot of women just don’t feel that connection. Thereby, you can simply do a faux bang effect; cleverly copied off YouTube. You just take a tuft of hair on your crown, twist it to cover your forehead, sweep it sideways and pin it in place. Easy as ABC isn’t it?

2. Choppy layers:

Diamond shaped faces may look cute, but covering a big forehead can only be achieved via layers. The layers surround your face, making it look smaller than reality and also cover the forehead from the sides. A great hairdo and mission accomplished!

3. Sharp bangs:

next in hairstyle for big forehead female are sharp bangs; a modern variant of normal bangs. They are as fierce as they sound, because they feature razor sharp hair strands at a distance from each other covering your forehead. They look ultra-sleek and uber chic, and you’ll definitely exude a metallic aura.

4. Classic bangs:

If you like things the old school way, then why not accept what people are saying and go for classic bangs? They cover your forehead like a miracle and look amazing. If you want to add a contemporary touch, you can get a straight across bob along with it. It make the entire look classier, and will help you step out of your comfort zone.

5. Side swept flick:

sometimes you don’t need to make any drastic changes in order to have a hidden forehead. You can maintain your hairstyle like it is, and only cut the flick shorter so as to make it cover half of the forehead when you sweep it to the side. This one’s a winner, because you only need a trim, after which not only shall you look different but your agenda will have been accomplished.

Any hairstyle for big forehead female from the above-mentioned list will be your savior; go for it without a thought!