Female puerto rican hairstyles

Female puerto rican hairstyles

Since Puerto Ricans are commonly a blend of Spanish, African and Indian ethos, the hereditary mish mash of hair forms is intense; one end of the spectrum has thin, straight hair while the other has characteristic taut, heavy curls. Since they all are varying, the female puerto rican hairstyles hair care also contrasts.  Here is all you need to know:

1. African-Black Hair Care

This hair form is commonly dehydrated, heavy, stiff and twisted. Rubbing the head and kneading fingers through the scalp frequently is suggested to encourage sebum production to make the hair look shinier. Day-to-day cleansing is not commended, since it gets rid of the sebum. In its place, cleansing once every 3 days would be appropriate. Make sure you wash it in the downward direction so as to make sure you don’t tangle it much. Never use hot water because it damages the hair excessively. Conditioners are a big yes since they keep the hair soft. Oiling every once in a while with the likes of coconut oil is also a hit because it keeps the hair hydrated and vibrant.

2. Biracial or Tri-racial Hair Care

Next up in female puerto rican hairstyles is the biracial hair. It customarily appears to be dreary and dehydrated, and has a high level of frizz and trouble in untangling. Particular consistencies are crinklier as opposed to the rest, resulting in the hair to split regularly, making it look damaged. Make sure you buy a brush that is made specifically for your hair type. Usage of a high-quality conditioning shampoo and added conditioner. Use untangling creams and sprays. Put on satin sleeping hats throughout the nighttime on every occasion probable. Before combing, put some water in the hair. At all times begin to comb at the tips of the hair and go upwards, as opposed to beginning from the top and coming down. Don’t wash your hair every single day, but once every 3 to 4 days works well. If conceivable, owing to moist weather situations, wash with lukewarm water. Anti-frizz sprays can be life changing in some cases.

3. Straight Caucasian or Indian Hair Care

Lastly in female puerto rican hairstyles are Indian hair. Although it’s the glossiest and smoothest of hair surfaces, it might be problematic to twist. Make surefire to use docile shampoos that will not burden the hair. Do not use too much heat on these, nor do damaging activities.