Bridal hair trends 2019

Bridal hair trends 2019

Nothing gets bigger than the wedding day, because it is the only day where you can celebrate love, life and happiness. For the bride, it is pivotal that everything is spot on, and that she looks surreal in her wedding look. While the dress is definitely of foremost importance, if you do not have good makeup or hair that complements the dress, your whole look can be ruined. Therefore, it is significant that you decide on the entire look beforehand, so that your day goes as perfectly as planned. We might be able to help you with these gorgeous and up to the minute bridal hair trends 2019:

1. Controlled mess:

After Meghan Markle pulled off the messy bun on her beautiful wedding, this trend made its way in the fashion world. The trick to this particular look is that you make it messy enough to make it look unintentional and laid back, yet add ample setting spray so that the look doesn’t go out of hand by the time you reach the altar. For brides who are going for a casual wedding or do not want anything too superfluous, this look will be the best they can get.

2. Incorporated hairpieces:

An otherwise bland hairdo can be made absolutely ceremonial by putting in a hair piece to harmonize it. Something as simple as a chignon, paired with a glistening diadem, or a studded hairpin will look stunning on a bride. You just need to find the perfect piece and you’re ready to rock it.

3. Florals forever:

Flowers are a bridal favorite and make their mark in bridal hair trends 2019. Having white roses all around the hair bun, or simple daisies running down the length of your braid will add grace and sophistication to the overall aura. If you’re looking for something unique and bold, go for a grand flower headpiece with the veil tailing behind.

4. Pump it up:

If you’re a tattoo girl and want to keep your bridal look punk as well, try a faux-hawk. It’ll definitely be turning some heads, but that’s exactly the purpose isn’t it? Coupled with a winged eyeliner, this look can kill!

5. Lob-ly (pun intended):

this is another bridal hair trends 2019 that is making waves (sorry!). It is simple to accomplish, looks very sweet, and will work great with beach waves or soft curls. We’d love to see you choose!